Brentwood Family Portraits + Hugh's 6 months

Six month sessions are some of my favorites. I suggest parents wait until their baby is sitting up unassisted for this shoot. We can do so much more when baby is upright! I’ve photographed Hugh since he was a newborn, which was right around Christmastime. I met Caroline and Sully early one morning this summer at the Cool Springs House in Brentwood for Hugh’s 6 month photos. I always incorporate mom and dad in the photos, too so you’re also getting updated family photos. They booked one of my Baby’s First Year Packages so I’m already looking forward to our next shoot when Hugh is 1!

Brentwood Family Portraits, Baby Photos, Rachel Moore Photography
Brentwood Family Photos, Baby photos, Rachel Moore Photography
Brentwood Family Photos, Baby photos, Rachel Moore Photography

Brentwood Family Photographer, Nashville Family Photographer, Franklin Baby Photographer,

Rachel Moore Photography

San Francisco Engagement Photos

Sami and Robby met while they were students at Vanderbilt and are getting married next year in Nashville. They currently live in San Francisco where Robby works for Facebook. When it was time to schedule their engagement photos, we decided that it would be awesome to have photos in San Francisco to capture this season of their life. Although I’m based in Nashville, I’m available for travel, so we made it happen! This shoot was a dream. It was so fun to meet Sami and Robby and then ride around the city together taking photos until past sunset. I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

San Francisco Engagement Photographer
San Francisco Engagement Photographer

We started downtown San Francisco then had an outfit change and headed to China Beach where we got my favorite shots from the day. The juxtaposition of the cliffs with the sun over the ocean was just breathtaking.

San Francisco Engagement Photographer
San Francisco Engagement Photographer

To finish up our shoot, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge over to the Marin Headlands. The sun had set, so we were chasing the light. What a beautiful way to end such an amazing day. Can’t wait for their wedding!

San Francisco Engagement Photographer


East Nashville Family Photos

I photographed Adair and Jack’s wedding a few years ago in Watercolor, FL. I was thrilled when they reached out wanting family photos during their trip to Nashville. Adair is a photographer herself, so she’s so natural and effortless in front of the camera. Little Lina was precious. 1 year photo shoots are such a celebration - you’ve survived the sleepless nights and are on your way to toddler-hood (which has been my favorite).

Nashville Family Lifestyle Photos Rachel Moore Photography
Nashville Family Lifestyle Photos Rachel Moore Photography
2019-08-09_0015.jpgNashville Family Lifestyle Photos Rachel Moore Photography

East Nashville Family Photographer, Nashville Baby Photographer

Franklin Family Photo Session

How cute is this family? I’ve photographed these sweet twins since they were tiny newborns. It’s such an honor to document children as they grow. It’s a journey for sure. As parents we pour so much into our children. Some days are wonderful and some are challenging. Having beautiful photos of your family/children is such a great reminder of the joy that they are, and how fast they grow.

Franklin Family Photographers
Franklin Family Photographers Rachel Moore Photography
Franklin Family Photographer Rachel Moore Photography

Franklin Family Photographer, Nashville Family Photographers, Franklin Lifestyle Photographer,

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Interested in booking a Fall portrait shoot? Here’s some helpful info. and what to expect!

After years of dreaming of offering a more full-service experience with framed prints, gallery walls and photo albums to clients, I finally am. Because of this, I'm taking on less clients this fall and focusing on delivering more quality over quantity.


After you fill out my contact form, I’ll send you my info packet for you to review. I’m booking portrait shoots Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays when available. The most ideal time of day for outdoor portrait shoots is a couple hours before sunset. Photo shoots are on-location and up to an hour long. I have a list of location ideas in my info. packet if you need some inspiration.

Once we decide on the date, I’ll send you an invoice to reserve your time with me and send you a questionnaire to get to know your family and your goal for your photo session. From the beginning, it’s helpful to visualize if you’re wanting a gallery wall of photos or a photo album so I can shoot with that in mind.


After your shoot is completed and photos are finished, I’ll reach out to you to schedule your photo premiere and ordering meeting. I can either come to your home with my laptop for this meeting, or you can come to the co-working house where I work in Germantown. During this meeting, I’ll show you a slideshow of all of the images and I’ll have sample products for you to see. All orders for printed products and digital photos are placed during the meeting and I’m here to help guide you through the process.




Is there an empty wall in your home that you’re looking to personalize and add some life to? I will have a Gallery Wall mock-up design for you to see. We can go through the options together and customize to fit your space and style. If you order three or more framed prints, I offer complimentary installation! Here’s an example below of a gallery wall I designed for a client.

Below is the finished installation in a hallway in her home between her son’s and daughter’s rooms. You can see this gallery wall right when you walk in the front door and it makes such a statement.


Below is another example of a gallery wall from a family photo session. This client knew going into the session that she wanted a gallery wall in her office, which you can see from the front door of their home. It was a huge, empty wall, that is now thoughtfully designed with photos of her family of four.



If you’d like have a series of photos that tell a narrative, photo albums are a great option. There are matching linen or walnut preservation boxes that allow you to display them on your coffee table but also keep them protected. Your heirloom album can consist of photos from one photo shoot or multiple if you’re doing a Baby’s First Year package. We have a photo album from our wedding and I do an updated family album every two years. I love being able to look back at how we’ve grown, and so does my little one.


If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about getting photos off of our screens, into your hands and on your walls for you to enjoy on a daily basis and for years to come. If you’d like to book your own portrait session, fill out the contact form and I’d love to hear more about you and your family.



Cheekwood Engagement Session

Cheekwood is one of my favorite locations to shoot in Nashville. They do require a fee to schedule a shoot on their grounds, but I think it’s worth it. I suggest booking it after hours, and then we have it to ourselves! There are so many beautiful areas that allow us to get plenty of variety. Kathy and Joby chose to book their engagement session with me here and they were a delight to photograph.

Nashville Engagement Session Cheekwood Rachel Moore Photography
Nashville Engagement Session Cheekwood Rachel Moore Photography
Nashville Engagement Session Cheekwood Rachel Moore Photography
Nashville Engagement Session Cheekwood Rachel Moore Photography
Nashville Engagement Session Cheekwood Rachel Moore Photography

Nashville Wedding Photographer, Nashville Engagement Photographer,

Cheekwood Weddings, Rachel Moore Photography

Behind the scenes: Welcome to where I work!

Welcome to the Coterie. This beautiful space was dreamed up and renovated by Colleen Locke of Alabaster Collective. During the day, it’s home to the Coterie, a modern day women’s social club and co-work space. At night and on weekends, it’s 1220, a venue available to rent out as an event space for small intimate gatherings like a rehearsal dinner.

This is where I get to come to work every day and meet clients for coffee! After working from my home office for years, it’s so nice to be able to get out and work in such a beautiful and inspiring space and community. If you’re interested in what it looks like to hire me for your wedding or portrait session, shoot me a message, I’d love to have you in, make you some coffee and chat!


Nashville Wedding Photographer, Nashville Portrait Photographer, Nashville Wedding Photographers, Nashville Portrait Photographers, Rachel Moore Photography

Katie and Marshall, Nashville Wedding

Marshall and Katie’s wedding was a special one, and we are honored to see it in Sophisticated Living Magazine. Read below to hear about the day from the bride herself!


What made you choose your ceremony or reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you?

We chose Marshall’s mother's house for our venue. It is actually the very spot where we first met 8 years ago. Where we stood in our ceremony was the exact spot where we first hugged each other and met for the first time. We have so many cherished memories there, and we could not imagine having it somewhere that didn't have any significance to our love story. We feel blessed to have had that opportunity.


For the groom - what do you admire most about your wife? Her patient heart.

For the bride - what do you admire most about your husband? His fun loving spirit. And how much he makes me laugh.


What is your most memorable moment from the wedding day?
The most memorable moment was definitely the ceremony. Marshall and I talked it over and it was both of our favorite part of the day. It was the most time we got to spend together all day. We really enjoyed reciting our own vows, and having his sister officiate for us. We were also surrounded by our best friends and family in a circle around us. It was one of the most spiritual things I have ever experienced. How often do you get to stare into the eyes of your loved one for 20 minutes with no interruptions? We were able to mindfully live in the presence of a sacred moment.


Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?

We chose to write our own vows because we have always enjoyed being at weddings where couples chose to do that. It really feels more meaningful and intentional. For me, my favorite part of my vows to my husband were: "You have given me the highest honor that anyone can give to someone- and that is, the safekeeping of their vulnerable heart. I do not take this lightly. And from this day forward, I will protect your heart."

 Marshall's favorite vows to me were: "I love you, but more so than that I am in love with who you are and who you can be.”


What was it like being in front of my camera?

Being in front of the camera felt easy and natural. Except for when we were taking pre wedding and family photos, I really forgot Rachel and her assistant were there. You have so much adrenaline that day that everything just falls into place and you don't have time to be nervous in front of the camera. Rachel is very calming and makes you feel comfortable. It also helps having your hair and make up done so you just feel amazing anyway.

Photographer: Rachel Moore, 2nd photographer: Lauren Stewart

Planner: Emily Piepenbrink with The Happy Ginger Co.

Florist: Stella Rose Floral

Invitation suite: Tenn Hens Designs

Ceremony Musicians: The Corwin Trio

Lighting: Bright Event Productions

Jane & Martin

You might recognize this couple from their Engagement session or their feature in my video on my about page. Jane and Martin were dream clients to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted and they trusted me 100%. Jane is such a natural, classic beauty with an effortless elegance and a refined taste. They were such a joy to work with as was their planner, Molly Sohr of the Cedar Lane.

What made you choose your ceremony or reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you?
Our Ceremony was at our church home in Nashville, West End United Methodist Church. While the church is a show stopper, it was the head preacher, Carol Cavin-Dillon, that won us over. She was our marriage counselor and we leaned on her as we prepared for our next chapter. She challenged us, prayed with us, and really got to know us throughout that time. It made for a personal and beyond special service that will stick with us forever. 


For the groom - what do you admire most about your wife?
I admire so many things about Jane. Her passion and drive are some characteristics that I admire. But most of all, I admire her ability to maintain such strong relationships with family and friends especially at a distance. Jane consistently takes time out of her day to check in on friends and family to see how they are doing. The people close to her mean so much to her and it is incredible to see how much she cares for those close to her.

For the bride -- what do you admire most about your husband?
Martin is the most kind and compassionate person. He listens and does not pass judgement. I admire his intelligence and his drive. He encourages and supports me but also challenges me to be / do my best at the same time. Most of all, I admire his dependability. He is my rock and his love is constant. I know his friends and family say the same thing – Martin is trustworthy and you can always count on him. 


What is your most memorable moment from the wedding day?
While so hard to choose a single moment, I think my favorite moment was our wedding ceremony. I remember locking eyes with Martin walking down the aisle (so relieved / grateful to finally see him!) and feeling like the happiest and luckiest human marrying him. Our preacher’s homily told our story perfectly and it felt like it was just the two of us and the preacher up on the altar. It was a feeling unlike anything I’ve felt before – pure joy as I married my best friend. 


Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?
We didn’t write our own vows, but we did memorize the traditional ones and made our promises to each other unprompted! (Martin went first and CRUSHED it!). My favorite line is “for better, for worse.” I am a Six, or a loyalist, on the Enneagram personality scale, meaning I am a “what-if” thinker. That’s a nice way of saying, I can be pessimistic. Knowing that Martin will love me and be my husband in the best – and worst – of times provides me with the security I need to be my best self. 


What was your favorite detail of the wedding?
I loved our invitation suite. It was timeless, classic, and elegant. The calligraphy on the envelopes was stunning. The combination really set the tone for our black-tie wedding. Oh, and my dress + veil. It’s in a league of its own. I felt like absolute royalty and I loved that I had a ceremony and reception look. -Jane

My favorite wedding detail was either the additional AC for the cocktail hour or our monogram. Jane’s good friend from high school custom designed it for us and it was a meaningful way to personalize our wedding. We used it at our welcome party, on our programs and on our welcome bag. -Martin

The band! Burning Las Vegas burned. The. House. Down. -Martin and Jane


Our Reception was at the Bell Tower in downtown Nashville. Our vision for the reception was to have all our guests in one room. I loved the balcony that overlooked the main floor, which allowed each guest to have a view of the big moments. The Bell Tower has beautiful wooden beams in the ceiling (it’s an old church itself) and a ‘tented’ patio (with a roof and AC which was clutch in August) for cocktail hour. The venue made for a gorgeous – and memorable – reception space. Finally, I loved the proximity to downtown so our guests could continue the party after our send off. Since 90% of our guests were from out of town, it was important to us to showcase ‘our city’!


What's next for you as a couple?
We are living and working in Nashville – Jane in marketing and Martin in healthcare IT. We’re getting settled in our townhome in Hillsboro Village and are very excited to newlyweds!

What was it like being in front of my camera?
Rachel makes you feel so beautiful, comfortable, and dare we say natural in front of the camera. Her eye, direction, and demeanor made for such enjoyable face-time in front of the lens. Rachel pays so much attention to detail and it shows. She coordinated with our planner Molly Sohr at the Cedar Lane to make sure our day-of-schedule aligned with our photo list. The photo list and must have shots Rachel knew backwards and forward, ensuring that she got every shot we wanted. She commanded attention for our large families (in the nicest way possible) and kept us on schedule. The best part was that we trusted her completely, which made for a relaxed wedding day. We love Rachel so much!

Nashville Wedding Photographers | Rachel Moore

2nd photographer: Lauren Stewart, 3rd photographer/assistant: Anna Garman

Planner: Molly Sohr of The Cedar Lane

videography | cardboard films

church | west end united methodist church

reception venue | the bell tower

band | burning las vegas

florist | LMA designs

linens | Bbj rentals

specialty rentals | please be seated

getaway car | matchless

Sam + Jamie's Maternity + Newborn Photos

I had the honor of photographing Sam and Jamie’s stunning fall wedding years ago, and I was so thrilled to hear from them again when they were expecting their first baby. Sam was a dream bride; she was intentional with all of the details involved and trusted me with her vision. To this day, she’s my “cover girl” for my wedding photography info packet.

My Baby’s First Year packages have become quite popular, so I wanted to share a glimpse into Sam’s Maternity and Newborn photo shoots. Both shoots took place in their beautiful home in East Nashville.


Interested in your own maternity or newborn photo session? Contact me here and I’ll send my info packet your way!

- Rachel Moore, Nashville Maternity and Newborn Photographer