Cody + Nicole

How did you meet and how long have you been married?

"We met over eight years ago when a mutual friend introduced us. We were just kids! I love thinking about those simple and sweet early days. We will be married for four years in September."

What has marriage taught you?

"This is a hard one because we are constantly learning each other even after all these years. I would have to say with Cody being on the road our entire relationship we have had to learn how to be good communicators. It's so important to take the time out of our days to joke talk and share about our day to keep that line of communication open."

How would you describe your personal and decorating style?

"When it comes to my personal style I want to be comfortable yet confident. I am also an amateur collector of vintage and love to think about the stories that the clothes could tell. Nashville is such a great place to find one of a kind vintage pieces. As far as decorating goes, I was born in California and love getting inspiration from our visits. I try and surround myself with personal touches from our vacations and I want my home to feel natural and lived in. One of my favorite hobbies is planting and I love being around things are growing and filling our home with life. I try to keep everything simple and clean. My favorite home designer is Emily Henderson and I would say I definitely draw a lot of my personal home design from her. 

Favorite place in town for a date night?

"I would have to say Lockeland Table for happy hour is a staple. We love sitting outside and enjoying our sweet east Nashville neighborhood."