Laura, Yoga Instructor

What are your priorities in pursuing a healthy lifestyle? 

"I try to keep it simple and include all the things God gave us to sustain us...real, whole foods, clean water, exercise, and sunshine.  When all else fails, go back to the basics.  As I age, I'm learning that it really comes down to these four simple things.  Eat foods in their most natural state, drink plenty of water, keep moving and get outside in the sunshine as much as possible." 

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How do you integrate the mind, body and spirit in your yoga classes? 

"About six years ago, a much respected friend introduced me to a Vinyasa style yoga which some call power yoga.  I love this type of yoga because it can be physically demanding so I'm building strength in my body.  The focus it requires to stay in the moment and not give up builds mental strength.  The spiritual strength comes from calling on a higher power to get me through it all!

I feel like the time we spend on our mat is practice for what happens in life off the mat. Life gets uncomfortable, heated, and sometimes it burns a little.  If we practice being uncomfortable, get heated, and feel a little burn in our body on our mat then we are able to practice how to control our reactions to those same things in life.  

The spirituality comes from setting an intention during our practice; verbalizing what we want and putting it out to the universe to ask for help.  To me, this can be a type of moving meditation or prayer to whatever higher power you choose.  This practice not only helps us gain strength and endurance but helps us gain confidence in our abilities to combine the mind, body, and spirit to get us through any and all situations life throws at us."

What inspires you?  

"My immediate three: my husband, my son, and my daughter.  They're all fighters.  My husband has fortitude, perseverance, and work ethic like no other I've ever met.  My son inherited his Dad's work ethic and is basically "always on the grind" as we like to say in our household. His courage, strength, and drive motivates me to keep grinding. And my daughter, her grace, intelligence, and complete comfort in her own skin reminds me to work on the same."


Do you have a favorite quotes or mantra?

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."  -Oh, the Places You'll Go, Dr. Seuss