Rachel & Gregory

Rachel and Gregory are sweet friends of mine from college.  I photographed their wedding over three years ago, so we both agreed it was time for some updated photos to capture this season of life they're in.  They even shared a bit below about who they are, why they love calling Nashville home and what marriage has taught them. 

Introduce yourselves! 

Rachel – I’m currently a student at Union University working on getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  In my scarce free time, I am a hobbyist photographer and enjoy spending time with my husband, Gregory.  One of our favorite activities is swing dancing – we actually got to know each other when partnered together at a swing dance class in college. 

Gregory – I studied music in college and began playing professionally after I graduated. Along the way I also taught myself to program, and now spend a lot of my working as a freelance software engineer.  In my downtime, I love enjoying fine food and drink with my family and friends. 

Rachel Moore Photography

What do you love about Nashville?

Nashville is very dear to our hearts – it’s where we met, were married, and established a community for ourselves apart from our families.  It’s a wonderfully unique place – I often refer to it as a “little-big town” – because it is a city where you can find a connection to nearly everyone. We love the creativity and many opportunities that are available here, but most of all we love the people that we’ve come to know and call friends.  Though neither of us were raised here, we feel Nashville is home.


What are your favorites things about each other?

Gregory – I love Rachel’s relentless compassion for other people and her joyful, fun-loving spirit.

Rachel – There are so many things I love about Gregory – he’s just a good man. He loves me so well and constantly points us to Christ.  He is selfless and has supported me unfailingly as I have pursued my dream of becoming a nurse.  Gregory also has a wonderful sense of curiosity – I call him a “life-long learner” – as he’s always excited to share new information that he’s learned.

What has marriage taught you?

We were married when we were fresh out of college at age 22 – we were such babies! In over three years of marriage, we’ve learned a great deal about commitment and selflessness.  Marriage is such a beautiful picture of God’s indelible grace – He brought two broken people together so that He could be glorified and that we could help each other grow to know Him more.  Marriage is such a blessing!

Rachel Moore Photography

What's next for you guys?

Rachel is set to finish nursing school this May, hoping to work in Labor and Delivery in a local hospital.  We are hoping to put down some more permanent roots in Nashville over the next year. 

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