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Lee and Camille got married in ONE  with their reception in the Cannery ballroom downstairs. They loved that the building had a lot of character - exposed brick, worn wood, big beams, and high ceilings. They wanted to have a relaxed, approachable style to the wedding that also balanced elegance. "Basically, the same style as Nashville - you can walk into any nice restaurant and still see someone wearing a flannel shirt." -Camille

Both my grandmother and mother wore the dress on their wedding days. I’m so glad it held up for me to wear too! 
— Camille
Lee and I met in business school - friends first, then started dating our second year in the program. We’re opposites but balance each other out perfectly! He was born and raised in Manhattan, and I was born and raised in Memphis. He’s a finance mind, and I’m more of a creative. But we both still have so much in common - like our love for our pup Mya!
— Camille
Most memorable moments (because I have a few):

1. The kiss I gave Lee before our officiant Payne gave the go ahead! Lee smashed the glass to symbolize our union, then I jumped in and kissed him - couldn’t help myself. So I guess we had two ceremony kisses

2. Moment of comic relief to keep my from getting more emotional than I was during the ceremony: My dad slipped on my veil seconds before we walked down the aisle. It was one of those slow motion catches that cracked me up! Only the two of us had the pleasure of witnessing it. So glad he didn’t bust it

3. The moments when my mother and then my grandmother saw me in their dress. So special!
— Camille

Getting ready location: The Thompson Hotel, Planner: Southern Touch Events, Venue: ONE at Cannery and Cannery Ballroom, 2nd photographer: Kristen Fields, Hair/Makeup: One 10 Beauty, Florist: Lauren Marie Atkinson Nashville Photographers, Photographers in Nashville, TN, Nashville Photography