Kate Workman, Nashville hair stylist

Kate is one of those people who feels purely themselves and uninfluenced by others. She has an effortless ease about her and an endearing sense of simplicity. She's been cutting my hair for the past year, and every time I leave an appointment I feel refreshed and inspired. Kate is always using her craft to serve others, and I was interested in how she stays inspired to constantly create. This session is a "day in the life" that features an afternoon with Kate where she lives in Bells Bend. 

What would an ideal day look like for you? 

"An ideal day for me would include being outside in the sunshine probably kayaking, getting a chance to listen to music while reading a book, and then eating dinner with friends." 

Where do you draw inspiration? 

"My thing is natural hair.  I want everyone to leave feeling like they look like their childhood.  It is unnatural but I want them to feel like it looks more natural than when they walked in the door.  Whenever I'm around my niece I examine her natural five year old highlights to see how the sun does what it does and try to recreate that."

What do you enjoy about living in Nashville? 

"Nashville has an awesome community of people.  I feel emotionally, socially, and financially supported here."


Do you have any daily rituals?

"Every morning I make Chemex coffee.  Its so much more time consuming than making it in the coffee pot, but it helps me to start my morning and give myself a few moments to think about my day ahead."

What’s a favorite recipe you’ve tried recently?

"I was given a cookbook from Franny's in Brooklyn.  I have been reading it and figuring out what to make.  The other night I made one of the recipes with pureed cannellini beans, grilled shrimp, and diced Italian olives.  It was so simple and so good."

Favorite restaurant?

"My favorite restaurant is Rolf & Daughters.  I love the food every time I am there.  It also feels cozy and the menu is so accessible."

Any advice for others pursuing a trade/craft?

"I decided to do hair after years working in office jobs and hating every second of it.  I didn't go to hair school until I was 26.  What I wanted was freedom from working behind a desk and what I got was a career that I never could have imagined.  It is never too late to do a job that you love."

Thank you to Kate for having me into your charming home and giving me a glimpse into your daily life. If you'd like to book Kate you can find her here!